Fire By The River

A fire by a river is all you need. You have warmth, light, as much food as you can gather and a place by the highway where people will gather to make connections, share stories and ideas.

I set up Fire By The River to build multimedia content and products in partnership with other companies. Our stock-in-trade are stories and the connections they make (with due tribute to Russell Hoban and Riddley Walker). All the work is underpinned by the principal that an economy which allows no space for children is the epitome of un-sustainability.

Current Projects

Fire By The River / Fureai Ltd

We are currently prototyping a concept to help busy parents who hate to miss bedtime but sometimes can’t help it.

Just Out There

Gudrun the Viking Princess – Series 1 and 2.

For CBeebies created by Nigel Pope at natural history supremos Maramedia. This was Mara’s first kids series though Nigel and I had had worked together at the BBC in the early 2000s. I always wondered if I should have got into natural history. It’s one of those things you need to do from the off or not at all. Then out of the blue I got a phone call. “We’ve got this kids natural history series. Do you fancy making it. Duh…Yep!

Previous Projects

Teacup Travels

For CBeebies based on an idea by my great friend Tony Bibby, and with the lovely Polly Churchill as lead writer. I developed and produced the show in a partnership with Plum Films. It is now on screen in Australia and Hungary too!



Older stuff

As head of BBC Children’s in Scotland I was responsible for a department full of exceptional people who produced a rich breadth of content. This showreel was produced in my last year at the BBC. It’s a quick spin through one year’s worth of output.



A landmark “online” triumph at the BBC was a collaboration with LazyTown Enterprises to make “Ziggy’s LazyTown Challenge“, a web based game companion to their internationally successful tv series. It was one of the first cross media projects we made as a truly multi-platform business.



The one I am most proud of is the Amnesty International award winning film “The Glasgow Girls”. The award means much because Amnesty International stand outside the usual media circus. More importantly, the film shone a light on a group of extraordinary girls and their campaign for just treatment of asylum seekers. The government’s policy of dawn raids on law abiding families ceased shortly afterwards.



If you believe corporate short form films on the web are inevitably dull and devoid of human spirit, take a look at “Canadian Moms in London” It’s a film I made for Proctor and Gamble during the London Olympics for the P&G Canadian website which regularly attracts nearly 100,000 visitors.


Short Form Films

  • 9th October 2012: Fire by the River won a contract to make a series of films to reintroduce the human being into a site where the bleakness of the statistics can be overwhelming. This was for Glasgow Centre for Population Health.
  • In February 2013 I made a film about what it’s like to look after kids with autism as they go through puberty. This one was for a closed conference and I can’t put it online because the material is too personal and it would compromise the kids privacy.