Byte Night

It’s been quite a while…

since I posted here. Habits broken are hard to rebuild but enough of that.

The point is:

On the 5th of October I’ll be sleeping out in Blythswood Square, Glasgow as part of ‘Byte Night’ – for a charity called ‘Action For Children’.

And if you’ve read this far you’ll have gathered this is a charity appeal – It’s to help support young homeless people, particularly those who’ve been in the care system.

‘Byte Night’ is the UK’s largest corporate sleep out event, with individuals and teams sleeping out to raise awareness, and vital funds, specifically to combat youth homelessness.

Most of us remember our parents letting go gradually, holding out a hand as we dipped our toes into the adult world. When kids in local authority care reach 16 the authority’s parenting responsibility simply stops. With nobody to watch their back, far too many sink before they can learn to swim.

There are other children out there too, who have run away from abusive homes. Whatever put them on the streets, many stories often take a tragically similar turn. In search of a new family network they fall in with people only too happy to offer them drugs and alcohol and groom them for a life of crime and prostitution to pay the bills.

  • They didn’t set out to live this way – they do not want to be homeless.
  • But the downward spiral is devilishly hard to escape once you get on it.
  • They are children like Colleen, who tells her story here:

Action for Children reaches out to children like Colleen, cares for them, helps them, and gives them the support they need to get their lives back on track.

That’s why I and thousands of others across the UK support ‘Byte Night’.


First – you can simply sponsor me at:

Or – you can join us sleeping out. Either individually or get a small team together (details on link below).

Or – if you can provide any level of sponsorship, prizes for raffles and auctions, please get in touch.

Or – on a very practical level, if you can help source the things we need for the Glasgow event such as: pizzas to auction at midnight  /  breakfast rolls / water… then again please drop me a line.

Your support will allow Action for Children to continue to help thousands of young people to build better lives by providing essential support, accommodation, education and training.

Thanks for reading – and for your support.


For more information visit